At BioCloud 3D, we create cutting-edge, captivating, and
immersive 3D content customized to meet your specific product.

3D Medical Visualization Services

BioCloud 3D is a new way to visualize and interact with custom 3D anatomy for medical device training, therapeutics, surgical training, and Method of Action/Method of Disease education. Access and engage anytime, anywhere through flexible, consistent web-based access. We create immersive content based on medical device specifications, therapeutics, and proprietary surgical procedures, for use across all of your sales and clinician training - whether in person or entirely virtual. Provide your teams and customers with the most cutting-edge, engaging visualization - proven to improve learning outcomes, patient engagement, and confidence in your products.

3D Model Development

Our professional services create customizable 3D models in a variety of ways. Creating human anatomy starting with DICOM files or industry standard medical anatomy references. Building medical devices using client provided CAD files or even using detailed pictures. We can also save time and money by leveraging our large archive of human anatomy to demo a medical device or create a virtual procedure streamlining the process.

The Planning Process

We start with detailed discussions with client experts to ensure an accurate and custom educational experience is crafted for the intended audience and budget.
Our team, consisting of expert medical illustrators, 3D artists and animators, discuss the tools needed to create content tailored to specific client needs.
Leveraging a vast library of 3D models and a proprietary pipeline allows BioCloud 3D to provide affordable and timely custom content services.
The next stage of content development involves outlining and storyboarding to establish a conceptual framework with design and wireframing.
This storyboarded content is included in the Statement of Work (SOW) and added as much detail as possible to describe the tasks outline the cost and create client alignment and approval, ensuring objectives.

The Development Process

Utilizing industry-standard 3D software, the team of modelers and animators brings the concept to life with high-quality visual productions.
Custom 3D models, textures, and animations are processed through the back-end WebGL software engine.
This processed content becomes accessible on the cloud-based interactive platform, ensuring user reach from any device anytime.
Each integrated 3D interactive undergoes comprehensive inspection for optimal real-time performance and is reviewed by medical illustrators for medical accuracy and practical learning.

The Final Deliverable

This content is then deployed to the cloud-based interactive platform or the client's web domain, undergoing internal inspection for performance and interactivity.
The client's experts approve the finalized interactive, added to the client's library, and make it available for unique use from any web browser.
The centralized cloud-based nature of BioCloud 3D allows for easy updates to support evolving customer needs.